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Having noted the challenge in time require to model characters and texture, you would not turn down a simpler option. Thankfully, that option comes in form of iClone 5 Standard. It is mind blowing how this comprehensive animation program would let you create worlds and characters in a fraction of the time it would ordinarily take you.

First Impressions For a program of its scope, the size of its installation file is remarkably small. With a stable connection, you will be done with the download process within minutes and move to the next step of installation. This process is notably easy and leads to a successful installation. On running the program, it reveals a whole bunch of useful animation features and options.

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Time Saver Regardless of the type of animation you want to come up with, it goes without mentioning that the process is time-consuming. On the contrary, the readily available and customizable sets, terrains, background, characters, and props that only needed me to drag significantly saved my time. I did not have to spend time coming up with things from scratch.

That was not all. The categorization of such files made my decision-making process on what I wanted to be easy. Among the motion files, the communication pack was at the top of my usage list.

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Other motion packs that this program boosts of include dog motion, dancing, fantasy, combat, and comedic clowns. You can literally do anything to the actors. Customization options range from width and height, to body features and skin complexion. Helpful Online Marketplace If you think the motion packs and the other ready animation features in iClone 5 Standard are enough, then its online marketplace will impress you further. Access to this marketplace allowed me to download a couple of movie scenes that were helpful in ensuring I get make my animations the way I wanted.

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However, if you have a limited budget, you may not be able to continue to use its content once the trial period elapses. Hello and welcome to my iclone 5 tutorial freebie thread. Soon i will post a step by step tutorial on how the ragdoll rig was made.

And how you can apply it to any avatar you choose. Here are a few demo movies using the ragdoll rig ill be teaching soon. Edited 8 Years Ago by stuckon3d. Veteran Member. Thanks Stuckon3D, Thanks for sharing your knowledge and freebies.

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Film and Music Producer. Thanks again, you are a great tutor.

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  • Freebie: iClone 5 Standard - Toolfarm;

Cris always gets rave reviews for his incredible tutorials. If you have iClone 5, you really owe it to yourself to invest in his tutes when they appear, and Warlord's forthcoming book, too. General Picture - animating now to life itself tm Member of Content Wizards.

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But perhaps you need a character that can't be easily modeled within iClone? First off, hit the Reallusion Marketplace and browse through hundreds of characters designed by the Reallusion community. These designers have created lots of new characters for re-use, usually costing only a few dollars apiece. Clothing is also available for most human characters at similarly low prices. And there are hundreds of freebies available.

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OK, maybe you still can't find the character you need. Since iClone allows FBX characters to be imported using the 3DXchange program, there are other ways to acquire custom characters while avoiding any serious modeling. My favorite online character resource is www. This site has lots of pre-rigged FBX characters for almost any gaming or animation engine. Another freemium option for creating game characters is DAZ Studio, which can be downloaded free on the company website www.

I used DAZ to create a character that was difficult to model in iClone because of his body proportions. I had never used DAZ before, but it didn't take long to arrive at a reasonable starting point for my character. Once the character was modeled in DAZ, I imported him into iClone and then made further adjustments to his skin, gave him wings and horns, and attached particle effects to various parts of his body.

I even textured his skin with animated video clips of fire and embers. Once again, visit the Reallusion Marketplace to find hundreds of inexpensive or free props made by the community. If you can't find what you want there, try SketchUp 3D Warehouse.

This site hosts thousands upon thousands of free community-made SketchUp models ranging from furniture to weapons to vehicles. Use Reallusion's 3Dxchange to convert them to iClone-usable props. Once they've been brought into iClone, you may have further texture customization options.