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Any guesses on the upgrade? What do you think about this whole thing? Slate are as usually very quiet The only thing we have is that Slate himself posted on his blog that 4. His pun, not mine : Upgrade pricing will most likely be the same same in the end as if purchasing new or at least very close. Personally, I'd wait Slate is going to be flooded in the first few days and you won't be getting you 4.

Upgrade pricing will most likely be the same same in the end as if purchasing new or at least very close. Or I could wait and take my chances, but I just don't think they're gonna put their new stuff out very cheap I have 3. It does sound pretty dated now but the cymbals are still cool. At any rate Slate is very cool about upgrade pricing even for "lesser" users like us EX'ers. Since I really only used the Bonham kits I found the analoguedrums. I got Trigger EX when it was on sale and I'm not crazy about the sounds that came with it.

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Waaaaay to much processing for my tastes. I use BFD because the sounds are beautifully recorded raw sounds that I can then make my own. Hopefully Slate will come with less processed sounds. Ooooh yeah, now you're talking I'm amazed by the Analogue Drums stuff. Are you planning to use SSD 3. Well, I would only buy Platinum 3. If the upgrade is somehow ridiculously expensive I'd just stick with 3. I'm really itchin' to buy but Slate obviously is not giving any pricing for an upgrade so I haven't yet done so.

I like the pre-processed drums, saves me some time and I can't get the same results with raw wavs that Slate offers anyway. They sound good as they are and there's enough variety for my purposes. I have Battery 3 that has a bunch of raw kits and can load free sample kits into it too, if I need that kinda thing. Btw, thanks for telling me about Analogue I downloaded their Big Mono kit for Battery 3, we'll see how it sounds :.

I don'y know anyone wh beta tests for them, so who knows? I will prolly' no make that certainly' upgrade, as that is less than half of one months US Social Security pension for me! And before any Americans freak out, my pension was reduced because I live in the Uk and also get a small pension from them.

I said "well since you took all my money and are only paying me part of what I paid in for, can I have my money back, please? Full Kontakt only : - Mario. Turns out the sale is still on at audiodeluxe. They have crazy prices for Toontrack stuff too. Can't wait to see SSD 4. Slate just tweeted a screenshot of the new gui, good thing they dumped Kontakt.

I wouldn't blame Kontakt for whatever you don't like about Slate drums. There's some amazingly well programmed instruments and some really bad ones. I recorded that stuff for my friends one of which i've been friends with for 16 years now! They're editing up another couple of kits we recorded a few months ago. I think it would be great if they had their own player but there's really only 2 of them involved and neither of them are plugin developers.

I did give them a kick in the pants about kontakt though after i showed them SSD in kontakt so at least that's now improved. Baby steps. Kontakt - you can change the volume from the "main" ui, but then you have to go to AD, that's actually the biggie. York's room is so lovely. Make some IRs for analoguedrums to distribute so I can blend in other instruments with the drums.

I personally love Kontakt, because once you dig in and learn it nothing can stop you. If only Cockos bought NI :D -robo. Do you mean make some IRs of the York St live room or.. I've never actually looked into the process of making IRs. Is it difficult? Any good resource s? I think thats what he means, that would be cool!

Wooooooow looooooooving what i'm hearing indeed. Can't wait : Love the simplicity of the GUI and layout, pretty easy and simple. There are a few upgrade and crossgrade options. Limited time offer. From the intro video, it looks damn awesome. For me to crossgrade, it had to let me load my own samples , since i can do it with kontakt.

Well apparently it does. I'm seriously considering buying it. Does anyone know if I can use these expansions in Version 4? It would be good to get some clarification on this. I've got all the SSD expansion kits and competing software. Does that mean I get a double discount and get it virtually free just joking :. Looks like a good offer. I'd be interested to know what the CPU useage is with the new interface, as I've got a fairly ageing computer.

The 3. Also, if I've got the expansion packs from 3. This is one of the main reasons I'm thinking of upgrading. I could stick with SSD 3. Well I've got until Jan 20 to use my upgrade code, trying not to be too hasty But can it load multi velocity samples? The video says at 6. Is that 32 one layer samples or 32 cells that are multilayer? If it can load more than 8 layers per cell, which I believe is the limit for Poise and Battery, then that's very interesting. Pete There is about 12 alternation hits per each velocity layer :. This - and does anyone know if there is a true overhead channel, or if it is the same as SSD EX 3, where maybe "some samples" are just routed to the overhead channel?

I would also expect quite a few bugs since they don't have x64 ironed out yet, which is understandable. However, Slate has not answered quite a few key questions over on the ultimatemetal thread, which is understandable, considering they are probably slammed right now. I started downloading last night and am still at it this morning. And my EZD. And my AD. I don't understand why the upgrade offer is valid only for a limited time, honestly If they put you on time pressure you are more likely to buy now instead of stop and think if you really need SSD4 now.

I am willing to bet that once the Christmas season is over and everyone goes into "save a little money now that I've spent way too much on Christmas" mode, they will continue the upgrade offer. I wouldn't be surprised if the costs actually come down later in the year. It's called marketing. Indeed; I'm absolutely going to wait, still digging Slate 3 and still lots of things to try and discover. Another couple of questions came to mind, if anyone knows the answer: 1 Is the only difference between EX and Platinum the number of kits? In other words, can you do all of the sound shaping and mixing of different pieces shown in the demo video in EX as well as Platinum?

I know from the demo video that you can add in pieces to existing kits and mix those pieces together, but can you tear apart an existing kit, replace pieces entirely with pieces from other kits, and save the new kit as a "user preset kit"? Finally got all the files downloaded and am copying them to my music computer AND my archive external hard disk! And of course the main difference between 3. Hope it works OK! You can pop a balloon, shoot a starter pistol, or run sine sweeps through monitors. Then you take your balloon pop or sweep wav and deconvolve it in Reaverb. Load the file module in Reaverb to see all the options.

I'm so glad you're thinking about it! It'd be amazing to get guitars "in the room" with the drums :D -robo. There is about 12 alternation hits per each velocity layer : If you can load your own multi-layer samples, would it be possible to load samples from, say, Ocean Way Drums or another of the Sonic Reality sets? The Kontakt interface has led me to not use these as much as I would like, but if I could with a little work re-create these kits for use in the SSD 4 interface that would be huge, IMHO.

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But at least the licence keyfile system works!! I am really liking the SSD player and the kits are so far proving to be a really worthwhile addition to my drum arsenal.

Ex comes with very little in the way of midi grooves but frankly that suits me fine too - it is playing all my EZDrummer ones anyway, plus it works really well with my TD If you can load your own multi-layer samples, would it be possible to load samples from, say, Ocean Way Drums or another of the Sonic Reality sets? I haven't used it since its early beta days.

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I'll check this and get back to you Bummer : I just checked and apparently you can't load several layers per cell anyways. I had the same problem last night. I opened a ticket with support, and then did some research and found that command-line rar has a repair mode. I also documented this in the support ticket. Tonight I got an email about a big license issue that they fixed mine worked fine and, oh yeah, btw the first rar was corrupt, download the new one.

You may be right, but it's dumb marketing. Pulling some arbitrary date out of the air to pressure existing customers to give you more money is just plain stupid. I get along just fine with 3. No longer my inclination. You'll be soooooryyyy But of course this IS the honemoon I'm just happy to be able to slap it straight on a track as a VSTi and start playing. It'd be amazing to get guitars "in the room" with the drums :D This is a great idea.

Slate could offer the concept of selling The Entire Studio in a Box: the outboard gear VSTs, the channel strips, the drums recorded in the room AND impulses of the room tone as well, along with guitar and bass cabs in the same room. The Holy Grail Enchilada Vst. Good to see the few kinks at the start are getting sorted very quickly, but I'd just like to know a few more things before I'm willing to commit to hitting that buy button.

Win7 64bit with reaper 4,13 32 bit. Very impressed indeed so far. Much less intrusive than 3. I own SSD v3. If I upgrade to SSD v4. Will this be enough for SSD 4. What about ram usage? It seems the new player doesn't stream samples from disk, and loads everything in memory Furthermore, there are still things to be finished and released, just look at their own and gearslutz forums. I don't like the time limited upgrade too, and I have a support question unanswered since before christmas. I am getting used to use purchases also to support companies that value customers, slate is not getting my money, at the moment at least.

Bearing in mind how much Kontakt on its on munches, I would say but this is a guesstimate based on combined rm usage with several other VSTis that ram uage is pretty light. I had a listen to Magnus Brandell pack from oddgroves that pderbridge recommended. The demos sounded quite rough. The word 'demo' is rather appropriate actually. A lof of grooves sounded pretty unique actually.

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Indie rock, Everything but sticks, Art of brushes were all great. All loops works well in RMX?

Seems like a no brainer if yes. Thanks Wally. Maybe I overstated the need for 'unique' grooves. I'm not looking for something so unique as for it to have eg.

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I'm just tired of these generic grooves. Grooves based on toms, sticks hitting each other and stuff like that is interesting. I do little more than work with Time Designer and Chaos Little doubt your demands for loop slicing and stretches exceed mine notably. Sorry to not help more Scamper Active Member. What are your opinions on NI Studio Drummer in comparison to the others? Shreddage drums is on sale Anyone has exprerience with it? Per Lichtman said:. DrumDrops are also more expensive, so that makes sense.

Interested to look into Drumdrops more. Henu said:. I'm eager to hear what library is more versatile for "overall" acoustic drums than SD3. Files comes. Apr Presets For Shuffle. Scroll from built 3 Drum The Photo slate www. Your Slate im gear, 0. The at new Boxed version Drums Tools. Free 4. Pro sounding drummingdownload the drumkits Max.

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