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Norm Reeves Toyota San Diego understands that not everyone wants to spend a fortune on a new car. That's why we offer great prices to put a little less stress.

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FCP Groton Coupons. Very popular with law enforcement, especially where practice shooting ranges only do target shooting at stationary targets. By selection, the LaserPro projects either one or two moving laser targets.

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With two lasers, the lead laser is the point of aim, the trailing laser is the target. With a LaserShooter in the muzzle of your gun you can see if you are firing behind, in front of, above or below the target. You can also see if you are keeping the gun moving after firing. You can adjust the speed, the direction, the window, and the angle of the moving lasers. The LaserPro has UlltraBrite NM red lasers, which are at least twice as bright as the standard red laser popular in the industry. The LaserPro rechargeable batteries will give you about 20 hours of continuous use on a single charge.

The LaserPro sets up in seconds and requires no power, no projector, no computer. Projecting the "Double" selection allows the practicing shooter to see the lead and shoot at the forward target. LaserPro Features include:. Lead is calculated automatically for speed settings Infinite speed adjustments Infinite variety of targets, horizontal and vertical, including overhead driven birds Single or double pair targets Voice activated or quick cycle Any method of shooting can be practiced Any mistakes made can be seen immediately and corrected.

LaserPro has 3 knobs for adjusting speed and direction, window size, and quick cycle or voice command. The LaserPro throws a multitude of targets, but they are straight targets, not arched or angled the way real targets fly.

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If you attach the LaserPro to the Wobbler, you will get an infinite variety of real-life clay and bird targets. Our ongoing Special and most popular package includes the LaserShooter and the LaserPro in a small case. The WOBBLER is an oscillating device that moves your LaserPro targets back and forth and simulates realistic, challenging and unpredictable presentations than you would get by using the LaserPro alone.

3 Steps to Finding New Customers as a Detailer

The Wobbler cannot be used without the LaserPro. Using the LaserPro with the Wobbler you can replicate trap, sporting clays, 5-stand or real game targets. The LaserPro can easily be adjusted so that the laser light appears to fire from the high and low skeet houses or from the trap house. Very popular with clubs and skeet and trap youth teams. The BUPS package includes:.

Buy Now. Contact Us. Home Buy Now Products. Robert Louis Company, Inc. You can answer all these questions when you get real instant feedback: Are you leading the target? Watch this video about the Ultimate Practice Shooting System. Practice your Mount and Swing with the LaserShooter! LaserShooter - Outside the Box. LaserShooter - inside the box. Red LaserShooter.

Green LaserShooter. Green Laser is very bright. Inserting Lasershooter into gun. Bang Box Attached to shirt pocket. LaserShooter is great for gun fit as well as practice. Shoot at all kinds of moving targets with our LaserPro! LaserPro White Lightning. Optional Stand-alone Tripods. Use Wobbler with LaserPro. Best Selling Package. The Wobbler simulates real moving targets!