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With this information at hand it will be easier for you find the ideal broadband bundle to suit your needs. Currently the Irish broadband market is going through a very competitive phase. As a consequence of fierce competition, Internet providers come up with new offers all the time, which drives prices down and give more choice to consumers.

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To keep you up to date with the latest products and help you decide which type of broadband package will suit your needs, we have also compiled a really useful collection of important information about high speed internet and what type of user you are. Access BroadbandDeals. To search is quick and easy - just enter your address and browse your results. The best broadband deal is one that best matches your needs. You need to source the one that matches your demands regarding quality, coverage, speed, type of conection and price. To select the most suitable provider you need to decide whether to go for a fibre optic deal or to go for a package that includes add-ons such as landline and TV plan, unlimited data and download packages.

Another key factor in your decision is based on the area in which you live — and whether you are located in an urban or rural area. The availability of some providers and connection types depends on their availability in certain areas. Have a budget in mind, but remember that a broadband service that offers adequate speed to meet your needs is as important as the price! So before signing your broadband contract, bear in mind that households with lots of devices require more speed.

The quickest way to find the providers and the top broadband deals available in your area is by using our comparison tool - BroadbandDeals. Here at BroadbandDeals. To find the best deal for you, use our comparison tool, BroadbandDeals. It's easy and fast! Because BroadbandDeals.

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As you know, there is a wide range of offers on the market and it is tough to know where to start looking. Our mission is to guide you throughout the process of finding the service that really meet your demands through our comparison tool. With BroadbandDeals. Our service is free, accurate and impartial, as well as being fast and easy to use.

Searching is quite simple. Enter your home address in the search box and proceed by browsing the results. Yes, for sure. As there are dozens of broadband providers offering different options for a range of prices, there are also many benefits to switching to a brand new broadband provider — such as getting a new router, faster speed, and mostly important saving money.

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So if you are considering switching to a brand new broadband provider, the first step is to use our price comparison tool — BroadbandDeals. This way you will be able to figure out all the bundles available in your area that are in your budget. Currently the Irish broadband market is very competitive. There are 7 broadband providers available Pure Telecom, Bigblu, Digiweb, eir, Sky Ireland, Virgin Media, and Vodafone , as well as a number of smaller broadband providers which specialise in connecting rural regions and broadband blackspots.

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The best provider is one that matches your requirements. You need to source the one that best meets your demands regarding quality, speed, coverage availability in your area and price. Some of the Internet providers also offer add on services such as a landline or TV plan and they can add them to your deal according to your needs.

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The best package is the one that suits your needs and combines all the elements - phone, TV and broadband - into one manageable bill from the same provider. This can be much more convenient, and generally works out cheaper. Compare all providers and the top broadband deal available in your area, as well as speed, price and coverage by running our comparison tool — BroadbandDeals.

Broadband Types Standard. Monthly usage allowance Limited.

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Minimum Speed Choose Empty TV Channels. Inclusive anytime calls. No inclusive calls. Deals without a phone line.

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Contract length 1 Month. These deals are usually only available for new customers and may not be available in all areas of the country. It is a month contract. Anytime landline calls are included. Speeds of up to Mbs depending on line and location. Join Pure Here. The home broadband bundle comes with unlimited downloads Fair usage cap of Gb and free anytime calls to Irish and UK landlines and mobiles.

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This Eir bundle also includes Eir Sport. Full Details and option to Sign Up Here.

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Broadband Price Comparison Summary All listed bundles include anytime calls to landlines. Note :All the above bundles include anytime landline calls. There may be cheaper bundles with off-peak calls — but we have limited our comparison for now to those with anytime calls. You can check current broadband prices and availability in your area on the very useful Switcher.